La Mendola

Artigiani siciliani

Artigiani siciliani comes from the union of tradition and innovation.

Giuseppe la Mendola, a master baker with twenty years of experience, carries on the passion for the white art that has been handed down from generation to generation by his family. The business, in fact, was founded by his parents in 1970, but after years of apprenticeship and after graduating from the renowned “chef academy” pastry school in Terni, his parents entrusted him with the management of the business.

Giuseppe realises his creations directly in the heart of Sicily, in the small village of San Giovanni Gemini in the province of Agrigento, working with the typical raw materials of the island: almonds, pistachio, chocolate and hazelnut. Specialised in the production of typical Sicilian products such as cannoli, almond and pistachio pastries, dry biscuits and bakery products such as panettone and colombe (the most famous ones with pistachio).

Tradition and love for his land is what prompted Giuseppe to undertake a new project: to promote and export typical Sicilian confectionery products throughout Italy and also abroad using the new communication channels. This is how artigiani siciliani was born: ancient Sicilian recipes shared also online.

Giuseppe already manages numerous shipments outside the region and outside the country for all Sicilians who are a long way from home and for those who have been introduced to his products through third parties; for this reason, he decided to implement an e-commerce model, bringing the products of his beloved Sicily to your table.

From today, you can buy these specialties online, discovering every single ingredient they are made of!

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